Invisalign is a system of braces that many people are choosing these days. Many individuals of all ages do not like the way that traditional braces with brackets and wires look on their teeth.

Invisalign, on the other hand, is virtually invisible. Most people, if not all, cannot even tell that you’re wearing them. Individuals do have to qualify for the braces, but they also worry about Invisalign costs.

Similar to Traditional Braces

Some people believe that Invisalign is so much more expensive than traditional braces. While the price difference may have been larger in the past, that is not necessarily the case now.

Generally, Invisalign and traditional braces cost around the same amount of money. This system is different from regular braces in all other ways however. You can eat, brush and floss regularly with Invisalign, for example.

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Insurance Plans

When you are in the beginning stages of researching Invisalign, you should speak with your insurance provider. Most dental insurance providers will cover at least part of the costs associated with Invisalign. They may cover up to and including $3500 of the treatment. It’s possible they will cover more or less, so you should speak to your provider. Also, you should call the orthodontist office to find out if they accept your insurance plan.

Flexible Spending Account

You can also use your Flexible Spending Account to help pay for the cost of Invisalign. You can put a certain amount of money into your account and then use that to cover at least some of the costs associated with this treatment plan. After that, you can apply for Flexible Spending Account reimbursement. Speaking with us can help you to understand more about these plans.

Payment Plans

After you have spoken with your insurance company and researched different options, you may still find that you need to pay more cash than you had originally thought. You should speak with the office to find out about any affordable monthly payment plans. Then, you can break down the sum of your payments instead of dealing with the costs all at once.

Affording Invisalign is not a task that needs to feel overwhelming. Instead, schedule an appointment with Platinum+ Invisalign Providers Papandreas Orthodontics at: 330-558-9092 to learn about options that would work for you.

Invialign Costs