“Exceptional care and service. Thank you! Amazed at how quickly treatment was completed. Highly recommend Dr. Papandreas.”
papandreas orthodontics patient logan
“Dr. Papandreas is a wonderful orthodontist! He is patient, knowledgeable and both of my kids’ teeth look fantastic after being a patient here.”
papandreas orthodontics patient sarah
“Thank you for helping Sarah achieve a great smile. We would not go anywhere else!”
papandreas orthodontics patient jayda
“Dr. Papandreas gave me self-confidence in my smile and has done the same for my daughter almost 20 years later! Thank you.”
papandreas orthodontics patient madelynn
“An amazing experience with an outstanding result! Love his staff, offices, as well as the fun and welcoming atmosphere.”
tasha - papandreas orthodontics patient
“Highly recommended. Everyone is friendly & patient. I'm definitely more confident in my smile and will be smiling more. Thanks!”
lauren - papandreas orthodontics patient
“Best service we could of asked for, for our daughter. Staff was friendly & fun. Financing was simple & affordable. We'll definitely be back with our son. Thank you!!”
papandreas orthodontics patient review - angela
“Hands down a wonderful team that worked together to give me a great smile. Thank you!”
papandreas orthodontics patient review - harry
“From the start everybody was always with smiles and we left with a smile. Dr. Papandreas is the greatest ortho there is! Great smiles!”
papandreas orthodontics patient parent review - sara
“Thank you to Papandreas Orthodontics for all your work on Sar’s smile. Everyone in the office was also so great to work with. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”
papandreas orthodontics patient review
“Dr. Papandreas did such an awesome job on Grant’s Invisalign – finished 4 months early! Always promt appts. And the staff ladies are awesome to work with. I would highly recommend this office!”
papandreas orthodontics patient
“Dr. Papandreas and his entire staff are wonderful. They did a fantastic job on Abby’s teeth ans she has a beautiful smile! I would definitely recommend their practice.”
Cailin D - drpapandreas testimonial
“Papandreas Orthodontics is the practice I would recommend for orthodontics.”
orthodontic patient testimonial - christina p
“I never thought I would have such great straight teeth! Dr. P + staff are some of the nicest, helpful people! I would recommend them to anyone!”
olivia - papandreas orthodontics testimonial
“My child had an awesome experience! The staff always strives for comfort and to accommodate our schedule.”
review papandreas orthodontics - aileen h.
“I am so glad my braces are off. The orthodontist may have been a blast but I am happy I can eat whatever I want. Thank you for my smile; )”
review papandreas orthodontics - josef g
“Dr. Papandreas and staff are wonderful and do a great job!! This is my third child coming to Dr. P and staff and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”
review papandreas orthodontics - melanie s
“Melanie now has a beautiful smile! The staff and Dr. Papandreas made this whole process very comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Papandreas!”
review papandreas orthodontics - melinda s
“Dr. Papandreas did a great job on my teeth. It was a positive experience ad the staff was very professional. I recommend Dr. Papandreas for any orthodontic work!”
“Dr. Papandreas did a great job! Very friendly and great results. Perfection!”
“What a great experience! The team made Abby smile each and every visit. Could not be happier with the results!”
safia b - drpapandreas orthodontics patient
“I would like to thank Dr. Papandreas and the entire staff for the wonderful treatment and positive encouragement. It was a pleasure going to the office.”
review papandreas orthodontics - amanda z.
“What an AMAZING transformation! Amanda has come so far from the beginning of this journey. “Thank You” to everyone at Papandreas Orthodontics for making this possible!”
“Thank you for a great experience. All the staff was very friendly and helpful throughout the process.”
justin s - drpapandreas orthodontics patient
“Very happy we decided to have Dr. Papanadreas treat our son! Wonderful job, looking forward to the next phase of treatment for Justin’s beautiful smile!!”
gabrielle r - drpapandreas orthodontics patient
“Everyone is full of smiles and makes sure you’re comfortable! I’d do it all over again but only if it was with Dr. Papandreas! I enjoyed everyone’s company. Had a few great conversations with some of the girls! I love them all!”
natalie w - drpapandreas orthodontics patient
“I could not be more thrilled with the results of my Invisalign treatment! Dr. Papandreas answered all my questions and made the entire process very easy. I would recommend Dr. P to everyone.”
spencer c - drpapandreas orthodontics patient
“Great group at Dr. Papandreas office. Everyone is pleasant and supportive.”
review papandreas orthodontics - kevin k
“Dr. Papandreas was awesome! Thanks for all the great care.”
grace k - drpapandreas orthodontics patient
“What an awesome experience! We are so happy with the beautiful smile! Invisalign really worked for Graces. Thank you Dr. P and staff.”
“We love Dr. Papandreas. He did an amazing job on my daughter’s teeth. Fast appointments and a great staff. We can’t thank them enough!”
“What a great experience! Dr. Papandreas has been wonderful. We are so happy with the results. I would recommend Papandreas Orthodontics. Great schedule!”

Patient Testimonials