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“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile but sometimes your smile is the source of your joy.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh

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“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile but sometimes your smile is the source of your joy.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh

You, like a leaf upon a tree, find yourself blown about by the many gusts that life breathes upon you. To these are added the countless burdens and responsibilities that come with motherhood…the many activities, the less-than-delightful attitudes from your children, the bothersome tears, the seemingly endless messes that have to be cleaned up. At times it may seem too much, like life is playing some grand practical joke designed to drain you of life and joy. That’s a narrative all-to-easy to believe sometimes. Many have fallen into the trap, due the weight and duress of simply living, of believing this disheartening narrative. Many have embraced an inner soundtrack that is perpetually grim and depressing, a tragic theme that echoes through every stanza of life. Our health, our well-being, our capacity for joy pay the price for this interpretation.

What if, however, this way of interpreting your experiences is a false narrative? What if this belief that life and its difficulties are little more than a millstone designed to grind you up stands as a work of complete fiction, a epic fantasy with no reality behind it? And what if it’s your perspective on life, and its many speed bumps, that makes the difference? What if your capacity to grow, to joyfully flourish through life’s hardships rests simply upon your interpretation of what happens to you and around you?

Your experience of life’s troubles, their impact upon you has everything do to with how you interpret what each day brings you. What if, rather than part of some cosmic plot to destroy you, your life’s challenges are designed to lead you down the path of wisdom, strength and inner-fulfillment? If every experience, even life’s most difficult, is viewed in this way, then your griefs and stresses lose their power to inflict harm on you. Instead, they become the seed-bed in which you will flourish.

View life’s challenges in such a way as to be empowered to walk in joy. Let each day be your teacher guiding you down life’s path, and understand today’s struggles as stones that pave the road to the mountain of wisdom.

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