Dr. Papandreas offers a complimentary initial consultation

To answer all your questions and determine your specific needs, the initial consultation includes a single orthodontic x-ray and several clinical pictures of your face and teeth. These records are matched with a thorough examination and dental history. Dr. Papandreas will then carefully evaluate your specific needs and provide a treatment plan for correction. Following the recommended plan is important for proper correction.

Patient Forms

Please take a moment to print and fill out the appropriate patient information form before your first appointment:

If you’re unable to open PDF files, you can get Adobe Reader® for free. Finally, the value of care and the convenient payment options are reviewed. If you have orthodontic insurance, a review of benefits will also be presented.

Many children are not dentally ready for braces, and are placed on a complimentary 6-month observation plan so Dr. Papandreas can monitor for the best time to begin. Properly timed treatment means a shorter duration with less cost.

To schedule your first visit to Papandreas Orthodontics, view our location pages for maps, phone numbers and opening times in Brunswick and North Royalton.

Your First Visit