Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment

Papandreas Orthodontics is proud to be Northeastern Ohio’s leader in accelerated orthodontic treatment. For those patients interested in speeding up their smile journey, we utilize state of the art technologies that can speed up treatment by 50%.

We encourage you to learn more about OrthoPulse by watching this short, informative video!


OrthoPulse is the newest, most innovative techonlogy when it comes to accelerating orthodontic treatment. Harnessing the power of infrared light, when using this technology for only 10 minutes a day, patients can decrease their overall treatment time by as much as 50%, effectively reducing the average twelve month treatment plan to 6 months. Battery operated, and optimal to use with both Invisalign© and braces treatment, Orthopulse is a great option for anyone wanting to speed up their treatment time.

AcceleDent Aura - What Can It Do For You?

The AcceleDent Aura is FDA-cleared device that makes it easier and quicker than ever to achieve your smile goals. Taking only 20 minutes per day to apply, micropulses are effectively delivered to your teeth, speeding up orthodontic treatment time by 50%. Papandreas Orthodontics believes in staying up to date on all modern orthodontic practices, which is why Dr. Papandreas offers accelerated orthodontics. To learn more, schedule your complimentary in office or virtual consultation!

The Benefits of Accelerate Orthodontics

  • Up to 50% faster treatment time
  • Less office visits
  • There is no surgery required to quickly and efficiently get the smile of your dreams
  • Enhances clinical outcomes
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