• Unless specifically indicated otherwise by Dr. Papandreas, continue wearing your current trays around the clock until the new trays of additional aligners arrive in about 4 weeks. If they wear down/break you may progress forward one tray but only if approved directly by Dr. Papandreas otherwise the new trays may not fit resulting in added time and costs. If you do not have the next tray in your current series, then go backward one to hold your tooth alignment.
  • How many new trays will be up to Dr. Papandreas once he evaluates all updated data and begins programming the next step.
  • When the new trays arrive, there may be added buttons, additional polishing between teeth and/or rubber bands.
  • If you do not want any of the above (buttons on select teeth, polishing between teeth, rubber bands, added trays, etc…) be sure to personally tell Dr. Papandreas now. Be aware changes to our recommendations can reduce the final results.



Papandreas Orthodontics and the American Association of Orthodontists recommends a specialist evaluate every adult, and all children no later than the age of 7. Although treatment for kids rarely begins at age 7 the early detection of impending problems always leads to a simpler, less expensive future solution via proper timing. Dr. Papandreas provides the initial consultation with records and follow-up observations at no charge to all kids and adults. No referral is necessary for you or your child (you can also share this info with a friend); CLICK HERE to set a visit now. Do not hesitate pursuing this evaluation regardless of perception that ‘all is ok’, as many problems are not easily identifiable except by the Certified Orthodontic Specialist©.