A track record of proven success.

Papandreas Orthodontics is rated as a top aligner practice nationwide with more experience from more patients than any other dentist in northeast Ohio.

Dr. Papandreas is The Certified Orthodontic Specialist© on straightening the teeth and bite with approved
post-graduate expert training by the American Dental Association. A non-orthodontist has no formal ADA
training on how to move teeth whether with aligners or braces and may not use any designation that suggests otherwise.

Dr. Papandreas will assess your presenting problems, overall biology including age and stage of development to recommend the safest and most effective method of treatment. Sometimes traditional braces are the best choice and sometimes clear removable plastic aligners.

Our aligners are a very detailed version of Invisalign custom designed for our patients by Dr. Papandreas.
Aligners are for all ages and all problems and when indicated can provide a better results over a shorter
period and most often at lower cost compared to traditional braces.

A brief list of aligners benefits over traditional braces:

  1. Healthier for the gums, supporting bone and roots
  2. Reduced risk of stains and cavities
  3. Reduced chance of lacerating lips during sports
  4. Elimination of broken braces due to top teeth overlapping bottom
  5. No broken braces of any kind when eating the wrong foods w/the chance of aspiration or ingestion
  6. No eating restrictions
  7. Shorter duration with less discomfort
  8. Remote Monitoring for tighter control of progress
  9. Fewer in-office visits
  10. More cosmetic
  11. No impressions
  12. No sports restrictions
  13. Acts as a light sport guard against broken teeth
  14. Acts as a light night guard against grinding of teeth
  15. Extra retainers at the end of treatment
  16. Often a lower cost than traditional braces with a better result



Papandreas Orthodontics and the American Association of Orthodontists recommends a specialist evaluate every adult, and all children no later than the age of 7. Although treatment for kids rarely begins at age 7 the early detection of impending problems always leads to a simpler, less expensive future solution via proper timing. Dr. Papandreas provides the initial consultation with records and follow-up observations at no charge to all kids and adults. No referral is necessary for you or your child (you can also share this info with a friend); CLICK HERE to set a visit now. Do not hesitate pursuing this evaluation regardless of perception that ‘all is ok’, as many problems are not easily identifiable except by the Certified Orthodontic Specialist©.