Success is Near!

Dr. Papandreas intends to remove appliances soon. The following information will help prepare for a well-deserved celebration. A final check will be made before appliances are removed. Although rare, adverse changes in the bite, alignment, spacing, etc… can occur between today and the next visit; these changes could result in postponement of appliance removal. Do not go telling friends and family the appliances are coming off until Dr. Papandreas gives final approval next time! To increase the odds that orthodontic appliances will be removed do not break braces, buttons, trays, etc…and continue to wear all appliances as instructed.

Your account should be paid in full prior to your next visit to ensure appliance removal and if indicated the timely ordering of your retainers, visit with our Financial Coordinator today. The outstanding amount due by you will include unpaid insurance benefits which you are responsible for. Should your insurance company ultimately pay these benefits, we will send you a check for that amount.

As part of the removal visit Dr. Papandreas may conduct a mild manicuring of the teeth to further improve the bite and overall smile. This can result in a sensitive tooth or need for a root canal but has never yet occurred in over a decade of offering this very common service. If you do not want this personally tell Dr. Papandreas.

Your next visit will be a late morning only:

  • Appliance removal and polishing of all adhesive.
  • Final pictures so look your best!
  • Final x-ray if indicated which very rarely can indicate added treatment time.
  • Post-treatment review of results, wisdom teeth, and future treatments.

If retainers are indicated, then at a 2nd visit:

  • Retainer delivery and instructions.
  • Ask about an extra set of half price retainers today only as they are more easily fabricated in combination and at the same time as the primary set.
  • Ask about custom whitening in combination with the retainers at a reduced cost today as well.

Your gums may bleed easily the day appliances come off due to inflammation. Good brushing and flossing will reduce this within a few days. Do keep all regular 6-month visits with your primary care dentist who will identify cavities, stains, and other potential problems formerly hidden by braces and buttons. Your dentist will also begin to assess restoration of missing teeth, remaining gaps, etc…

Stay focused down the home stretch…a Spectacular Smile is just ahead!



Papandreas Orthodontics and the American Association of Orthodontists recommends a specialist evaluate every adult, and all children no later than the age of 7. Although treatment for kids rarely begins at age 7 the early detection of impending problems always leads to a simpler, less expensive future solution via proper timing. Dr. Papandreas provides the initial consultation with records and follow-up observations at no charge to all kids and adults. No referral is necessary for you or your child (you can also share this info with a friend); CLICK HERE to set a visit now. Do not hesitate pursuing this evaluation regardless of perception that ‘all is ok’, as many problems are not easily identifiable except by the Certified Orthodontic Specialist©.