We are beginning a very important step in properly fitting the back teeth together. Orthodontic elastics allow specific force applications between upper and lower teeth. A team approach is the only way to achieve the best orthodontic result possible … so your help is critical.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • If wearing your elastics around the clock/24 hours a day, you must change to fresh ones 3x per day. Wearing the same rubber band all day or the same one every night will produce no results.
  • Remove only when eating your 3 square meals a day (said otherwise don’t snack for 4 hours straight to minimize wearing them :). Remove when brushing teeth.
  • Some discomfort during the first week of wear is normal.
  • If wearing your elastics just bedtime be sure it is a fresh set every night.
  • Avoid yawning or full mouth opening to minimize breakage of the elastics, attachment hooks, or displacing trays if using aligners.
  • Your rubber band size will either be Mexico, Korea, Lions, or Whales. Please make note of which one we provided.

If you run out or lose your elastics call our office for replacements based on the size ‘animal’ on your baggie. If you break or lose an attachment hook call the office immediately for repair. You are on the way to a great smile!



Papandreas Orthodontics and the American Association of Orthodontists recommends a specialist evaluate every adult, and all children no later than the age of 7. Although treatment for kids rarely begins at age 7 the early detection of impending problems always leads to a simpler, less expensive future solution via proper timing. Dr. Papandreas provides the initial consultation with records and follow-up observations at no charge to all kids and adults. No referral is necessary for you or your child (you can also share this info with a friend); CLICK HERE to set a visit now. Do not hesitate pursuing this evaluation regardless of perception that ‘all is ok’, as many problems are not easily identifiable except by the Certified Orthodontic Specialist©.