Spacers create space between teeth so the orthodontic bands can be fit more comfortably during subsequent visits. To ensure the spacers achieve the most effective result, please follow the guidelines below.


  • No sticky foods. These foods may pull the spacers out of place. Examples: gum, gummy bears, caramels, fruit roll-ups, taffy, etc…
  • No hard foods as these may push the spacers too far into the gums. Examples: peanuts, popcorn, pretzels, pizza crust, raw vegetables, apples, bagels, etc…
  • Don’t floss or brush excessively hard where the spacers are located to avoid displacement.
  • If more than one spacer per side falls out before your next appointment, please call the office.


  • You may feel pressure between the teeth for several days after their placement. Although rarely necessary, your usual over the counter pain medication can be taken during this time.
  • You may feel the spacers when biting, this is normal.
  • Separators should not be left in place for more than 3 weeks to minimize problems with the gums. IF YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT IS MORE THAN 3 WEEKS AWAY for any reason, notify the office and let them know you have spacers in and Dr. Papandreas requests an earlier appointment.

As always we emphasize a team approach for the best orthodontic result possible. Please remember your effort will play the biggest role!



Papandreas Orthodontics and the American Association of Orthodontists recommends a specialist evaluate every adult, and all children no later than the age of 7. Although treatment for kids rarely begins at age 7 the early detection of impending problems always leads to a simpler, less expensive future solution via proper timing. Dr. Papandreas provides the initial consultation with records and follow-up observations at no charge to all kids and adults. No referral is necessary for you or your child (you can also share this info with a friend); CLICK HERE to set a visit now. Do not hesitate pursuing this evaluation regardless of perception that ‘all is ok’, as many problems are not easily identifiable except by the Certified Orthodontic Specialist©.