Do Orthodontic Braces Cause [White Spots] on Teeth?

white spots on teethDo Orthodontic Braces Cause White Spots on Teeth?

Wearing braces is a great way for you to straighten your teeth, but they don’t necessarily come without their problems. For one, you’ll be visiting your local orthodontist for awhile in order for the teeth to be straightened correctly. Once you have the braces taken off, you might be left with white spots on your teeth that can be unsightly and problematic.

Importance of Orthodontics

Going to an orthodontist is important if you or your child has crooked teeth. Crooked teeth can be incredibly problematic for a lot of reasons. For one, you might find that you have less confidence because of the way your smile looks. You might also experience problems with speaking or eating due to severe misalignment issues. If this has been a problem for you in the past, it’s time for you to visit a local orthodontist and see what they can do for you.

Wearing Braces for a Long Time: What Happens

Typically, you’ll be wearing orthodontic gear for anywhere from one to two years. The amount of time you wear the appliances is dependent on what you need and how much work needs to be done. Unfortunately, straightening the teeth is a relatively long and slow process. The reason for this is due to the fact that the teeth need to be straightened slowly so that they do not become loose. This is why it could take you years to see significant improvement and know that you will finally be able to get out of the appliances that you’ve been wearing for such a long time.

What are White Spots?

When the metal appliances are finally taken off of your teeth, you might notice that they leave behind white spots from where they were cemented onto the teeth. One of the main concerns that patients have is getting rid of these white spots. Keep in mind that the white spots are a result of wearing orthodontic appliances for an extended period of time. During that time, your natural teeth became stained while everything under the appliance stayed the color that your teeth were before going to the orthodontic office. This is how white spots form and why you might notice them on your teeth after they are removed.

Are They Permanent?

Thankfully, these white spots are not permanent. They will become the same color as your other teeth after about a month or two of everyday wear and tear. You will also find that there are a few things you can do to improve the look of them right off the bat, which you might want to consider if the white spots really bother you. Lots of people who go to their local office are finding it to be beneficial to talk to the professionals about what they can do to get rid of these spots.

How to Get Rid of Them

One way for you to get rid of the white spots is for you to use a whitening gel or whitening strips on your teeth. This will whiten the surrounding teeth so that they blend more with where the appliances were placed. These strips are relatively inexpensive and can fit easily into your budget. You will obviously want to talk to your orthodontic professional to see what they suggest in terms of getting your teeth looking their best. Some orthodontic professionals will not recommend whitening products to their patients, especially if it’s a child or teenager who has just had their appliances removed. If you’re an adult, there is a good chance that the products will work well for you when worn after removal.

Choosing a Better Orthodontic Option

There are also alternatives to the chunky metal appliances you’re used to seeing all over. In fact, many people are choosing Invisalign because of its clear way of straightening the teeth. Invisalign uses clear plastic trays to carefully and effectively get rid of crookedness, allowing you to feel confident in your smile and the way that you look. Once you make the decision to go with this clear option, you’ll be glad that you did because you won’t be left with those annoying white spots. The clear trays straighten your teeth without being fully attached to them, so your teeth are essentially saved from these long-term effects.

Going to your local orthodontic office is a great way to boost your confidence and ensure that you’re feeling great about yourself. Too many people forgo orthodontic care because of the fact that they are afraid of wearing metal appliances for years on end. Instead, consider a clearer option that works just as well. It is imperative that you talk to your local office to see what is available for you. You will need to go in for a full consultation appointment before you can have any type of work done. Once you begin to get the work done, you’ll feel confident in your smile and the way that it looks.

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Do Orthodontic Braces Cause White Spots on Teeth?