Are There Alternatives To Having Teeth Removed For Braces?

For anyone who has every had a tooth pulled, it becomes more obvious why those considering braces want to know if there are alternatives to having teeth pulled in order to have them installed. Most will look for any alternative to a tooth extraction and is usually one of the first questions that most will ask their orthodontist when discussing the process.

The answer to whether or not a tooth will need to be pulled will depend on a variety of factors. Some factors may include the age of the patient, how overcrowded the teeth may be, bite asymmetry and whether or not surgery or other procedures are an option. Below are some other factors and options to take into consideration before needing to result to a tooth extraction for the installation of braces.

Damon System Of Orthodontic Braces

One of the more popular options these days for orthodontic treatments is called the Damon System. This particular method has been proven to offer patients optimal teeth straightening results without the need to have any teeth removed prior to the installation of the braces. This system may be applied to the teeth using clear or metal hardware. The patient is also able to choose different colors of bands to create a more unique look and style. This is a simple and powerful system to help give the best results with minimal treatment time and discomfort.

Invisalign System

The Invisalign system for aligners offers patients a completely different alternative to traditional braces with no need to use any clear or metal hardware. This system uses hardware that is similar to retainers or mouth guards to gently move your teeth into place. The benefits of this system is that it is easy to use and easier to keep your teeth clean compared to traditional braces. These are able to be used on patients in their teens and for adults. The only time when this is not a viable option is when a patient has unsalvageable tooth damage or severe stages of tooth decay. Invisalign generally reduces the need for a tooth removal because it works by gently expanding a patient’s jaw. This can create room for the teeth that are overcrowded and eliminate any need for extractions.

Teeth Slimming

This method is another alternative to having teeth extracted for braces. It is an orthodontic technique used to slim down certain teeth in order to create more room on your jaw line. This is typically used when the width of your teeth is what is causing the overcrowding. When your orthodontic specialist slims down the sides of certain teeth, it will give your teeth more room to move and grow comfortably without having to have any other teeth removed. As we age, teeth naturally slim down on their own from years of chewing, flossing and brushing. However, this is sometimes not enough to make adequate room for braces being installed. In this instance, the use of manual tooth slimming is a great alternative to getting a tooth removed.

Palate Expander Option

This option is typically only available for patients that are under the age of 16. A palate expander is put in to help widen your palate before it fully hardens into place. This commonly occurs around the age of 16. The use of the palate expander will create enough room for the teeth to grow and shift without needing to extract a tooth.

Am I Going To Need Surgery?

Unfortunately, some patients will ultimately need to have a tooth extracted. One last option, however, is dental surgery. In some cases, the option of dental surgery can offer the same results of a tooth extraction without needing to remove any teeth. Of course, dental surgery is invasive in its own way as well. It has two main objectives: to try and move the bottom row of a patient’s teeth forward or move the patient’s top row of teeth to the back of their mouth.

What Are Temporary Anchoring Devices?

One last option is called the TAD option. This is a process that can bypass the need to have a tooth extracted prior to getting braces put in. The process includes securing one or more of your critical teeth in place by using a very small implant underneath the gums. These implants are important because they help make the control of your jaw alignment easier and will help ease the possibility of overcrowding problems as you get older.

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