I Don’t Have any Dental Problem: Should I Still Visit an Orthodontist?

You brush your teeth twice a day, floss faithfully, and even mix up those DIY remedies made of baking soda to remove plaque and keep the gums healthy. You are on top of your oral health game. Why would you need to visit an orthodontist? Aren’t orthodontists specialists who deal with facial and dental irregularities? You don’t have any crooked, misaligned, or protruding teeth.

However, no matter how much you feel like you’ve got your dental health in check and you don’t need to see a specialist, this is not always the case. This is especially true if you are in your twenties or thirties headed towards the fourth floor. So many changes occur in your body during this years, and some of them are dental-related. Visiting an orthodontist regularly for checkups can help you maintain a beautiful smile over the years. Here are some of the reasons why visiting an orthodontist is not an option.

You don’t have a dental problem yet

Yes, you heard it right. You may think that you’ve got things under control, but dental issues ted to creep up on you. For example, you will never see plaque developing until you notice the unsightly black substance on your teeth, and your toothbrush won’t do much to help you then. Similarly, dental problems such as overcrowding and spacing of the teeth may occur without you noticing. However, a specialist can quickly identify this during a check-up and provide the necessary treatment. It will cost you less to treat a minor issue of overcrowding as compared to when the problem has escalated to a point where your jaw hurts due to a bad bite.

You assume everything is okay

Dental issues that have to do with alignment and the jaw can go by undetected by the ordinary eye. However, they come with symptoms that you cannot ignore. For example, an under or over-bite can cause tension in the jaw, and this will result in tension headaches and neck pain. You may be stocking up on Tylenol assuming that your headache is as a result of stress at work, but it is due to misalignment of the teeth. An orthodontist can detect even the slightest under or overbite and provide treatment to correct it. This may include recommending dental braces, headgears, or facemasks. So, if you have some chronic unexplainable headaches, a visit to the orthodontics clinic may be your savior.

The mouth ages as you age

The structure and health of your teeth at 20 years is not the same as when you are 40. Teeth undergo normal wear and tear which can damage the surface of the enamel and cause problems with your bite. Similarly, as a woman, you undergo many hormonal changes from your twenties towards your thirties and forties, and these changes can affect your dental health. If you are a mom or are expectant, you know that teeth also tend to require a lot of calcium during pregnancy yet not many people pay attention to this need. The result is that your teeth may be weak and vulnerable to wear. Visiting a specialist can help you to get treatment and useful tips that will enable you to navigate the stages of womanhood without compromising on your dental health.

Health risks increase with age

Let’s be honest; people tend to develop all sorts of diseases as they hit their forties towards their golden years. At this point, diabetes, blood pressure, gum disease, oral cancer, dry mouth (due to medication), and other conditions become common. Heck, people even start losing their teeth as they age. Luckily, most of the dental issues that people are at risk of as they age can be avoided by making regular visits to an orthodontist. A checkup of your gums, teeth alignment, bite, and jaw can give the specialist insight into your oral health. They can also identify any problems such as caries and gum disease before they grow out of proportion.

You get to correct harmful habits

Everyone has a bad habit that they find it hard to shake off. When it comes to the teeth, there are those who clench their jaw when stressed, some grind the teeth habitually, and others bite into ice and use their teeth as beer openers. Whichever bad habit you have, it will soon cause significant dental issues. Clenching and teeth grinding can cause TMJ syndrome, wear the enamel, and cause an underbite.

Incorrect use of the teeth can lead to breaking, and this comes with excruciating pain. An orthodontist helps to keep you in check and ensure that you shake off the bad dental habits. This is because they can identify a problem with your teeth and connect it to a bad habit. If you grind the teeth, you can get a mouth guard or mouth split to discourage you from the behavior.

As a woman, taking care of your oral health is not an option but a necessity. Visiting an orthodontist can help you stay on top of any underlying dental issues and get treatment early. Visit Papandreas Orthodontics or call the office to schedule an appointment and take control of your dental health.

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