Our world at Papandreas Orthodontics, both professionally in the delivery of orthodontic care and personally in our lives, is changing at lightning speed. It is an exciting age we live in and amazes Dr. Samuel G. Papandreas and our team every day. If we are here today, where will we be one, two, or even ten years down the road?

The amount of information and busy life styles we deal with moment-to-moment is mind boggling and exciting, while sometimes stressful and challenging… and we are up to the challenge in our practice. Below is a video we found very interesting and would like to share with you on our new blog. It has been seen by millions of viewers all over the world. You may have seen it before, but it is worth watching again.

We appreciate every one of our orthodontic patients we have the privilege to treat and interact with at Papandreas Orthodontics and in the North Royalton OH area. With our new Blog, we have the ability to easily and quickly inform patients, family members, and friends on different aspects of orthodontic treatment, dental care, share with you what is going on in our office, and discuss topics of interest we feel you would enjoy and appreciate on all levels…
We work very hard to keep up with the latest changes every day, not only in orthodontic treatment and technology such as Invisalign, Ceramic Braces and iBraces, but customer service and the interaction we have with our patients and the community. We embrace change! It’s what life and growth is all about. Make sure you bookmark our blog to keep up with latest news and information.
We would appreciate your suggestions on topics for discussion. Please leave a comment below. Let us know your thoughts regarding the video you just watched and ideas for future posts.