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What Causes TMJ or TMD by Dr. Samuel Papandreas…

Have you ever noticed a clicking or popping sound in your jaw when chewing or speaking? The orthodontists at Papandreas Orthodontics want you to know this happens to everyone from time to time. However, if it happens frequently and is combined with other symptoms such as jaw pain, locking of your jaws, reduced ability to open and close the mouth, ear pain, or difficulty chewing, you may have a condition known as TMD or TMJ disorder. Watch the video below to find out more about TMJ dysfunction.

Spreading Early Holiday Cheer at Papandreas Orthodontics…

It’s time to start spreading the holiday cheer! We love having you as part of our orthodontic family at Papandreas Orthodontics, and we want to send holiday smiles to all of our patients and their families with a couple of poems for the season! Happy Holidays to everyone!

Extreme Holiday Cheer in Rochester NYThe Night Before Christmas (with my braces)

Twas the night before Christmas, Santa flying all places
Delivering presents to children with braces.

There’s lights on the tree and a wreath on the door
I’m merry as can be when my teeth are not sore!

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Did Your Smile Make You Happy in North Royalton and Hinckley OH in 2012?

Happy SmilesThe American Association of Orthodontics recently completed a study in 2012 that reported more than 1/3 of US adults are unhappy with their smile. Are you one of them? If so, 2013 is the year to do something about it!! What better New Years Resolution can you promise yourself or someone you love than a new smile?

In a nutshell, here’s what the study found after surveying 1,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and older. Read more

Why Choose Early Orthodontic Treatment With A Palatal Expander?

palatal expanderEveryone who visits Papandreas Orthodontics wants to flash a perfect smile. However not everyone is born with perfectly straight teeth. Many subtle problems go unnoticed when checking out someone’s smile. Crooked teeth are more obvious, but how your teeth fit together is just as important when creating a great smile and orthodontic result over the long haul for good dental health. Read more

Back To School in North Royalton OH? Don’t Let This Happen To You – Protect Your Smile!

Now that summer is over and everyone is back to school, Dr. Samuel Papandreas at Papandreas Orthodontics just wanted to take a minute to remind our patients to wear a mouth guard when playing fall sports, especially unorganized sports in your neighborhood.

Why everyone should wear a mouth guard while playing contact sports. This could be you if you don’t.

A mouth guard protects not only teeth, but your lips and cheeks while wearing braces. A mouth guard is your best protection against serious sports injuries. The next time you’re in for a visit at Papandreas Orthodontics we encourage you to ask us for a mouth guard! A mouth guard is your insurance policy to safeguard your long term dental health. Sports injuries can require major dental expense throughout your life. It only takes a second to pop one in to prevent loss or damage to teeth. Even though they may be uncomfortable to wear and tough to talk with, it is nothing compared to the discomfort you would experience in an accident… so make sure you play it safe. Read more

Why Do Many Kids and Adults in N. Royalton and Hinckley Ohio Need Orthodontic Treatment Today?

Orthodontics todayAt Papandreas Orthodontics some parents ask us… “Why are so many kids and adults wearing braces today?”

Orthodontic Studies report 70 percent of the US population could benefit from having their teeth and jaws realigned with orthodontic treatment. Ancient ancestors had perfect teeth and bites, as evidenced by fossil records. Then, about 10,000 years ago, malocclusions (bad bites) seem to have become more prevalent. Why? Human growth patterns saw teeth and jaws fail to accommodate teeth and jaw development as different ethnic and genetic backgrounds began to live together and populate. Read more

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Tongue Thrusts Raise Havoc While Kids Are Growing in North Royalton and Cleveland OH…

Example of Tongue ThrustAt Papandreas Orthodontics, we think about how many processes of the human body take place unconsciously. As we make our way through the day, we are constantly breathing, blinking, keeping our balance, and doing a thousand other tiny things we never give a second thought.

One such unconscious behavior is the way we chew and swallow our food. Virtually from birth, consuming food is such a primal act that it would never occur to most people to pay attention to the way we go about it. Infants swallow with their tongues thrusted against their gums, which is fine for babies and very young children. However, as people get a bit older, they usually change over to a swallow with the tongue placed on the roof of the mouth.

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Papandreas Orthodontics is hosting a “Guess the Nose” Contest!

Come in to the office and take a guess at whose nose belongs to whom?

All of our staff memebers noses are on display so take a guess and the winner will receive $75.00 in gift cards!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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The Model “T” of Braces | From Soldered to Invisible

Have you ever wondered just how long braces have been around and how they have come to be the way they are today? As far back as 500 B.C., Greek scholars such as Hippocrates and Aristotle have thought about ways to straighten teeth, but no progress was made in the field until the early 1900’s. Though orthodontics is less than a hundred years old, amazing progress has been made in this relatively short period of time, especially at Papandreas Orthodontics.

A few different men are generally credited as the “Fathers of Orthodontics.” One was Norman W. Kingsley, a dentist from New Jersey who wrote a “Treatise on Oral Deformities” in 1880 that laid the groundwork for much of what was to come. Another was J.N. Farrar, who was the first dentist to come up with the idea of somehow using force at timed intervals to move teeth. But the father of orthodontics deserving the credit is dentist Edward Angle, whose “Treatment of Malocclusion of the Teeth” was published in 1907 and made great strides in the field. In addition, Angle founded the School of Orthodontia in 1910 and went on to design several of the first orthodontic devices, such as the ribbon arch and the edgewise appliance.

Braces, in their most basic form, came into being in the 1920’s, when a New Orleans dentist named George Crozat invented the “Crozat Brace.” This device was made of wire soldered together, and could be taken out. The Crozat Brace was very popular for over 40 years, before being replaced in the 60’s by the “tin grin” metal bands that encircled each tooth and could not be removed. Eventually these metal bands were replaced by barely visible ceramic or metal brackets that attach to the fronts of the teeth. Also, space-age thermally activated wires replaced the old stainless steel arch wires.

The newest step forward is “Invisalign.” This “braceless” alternative to straight teeth is barely visible to the eye. They move teeth using a series of computer generated and removable aligners. With these advancements, patients don’t have to come into the office as often as they used to. Also, orthodontics appliances today are much more comfortable to wear, patients experience less discomfort, and treatment can be completed in a much shorter period of time. What’s more, adults account for about a quarter of all orthodontic patients today.

There is no need to be embarrassed if you are getting your teeth straightened no matter what the age; children, adolescent, teen, or adults later in life—you’re in good company! As you can see, much has changed in the world of orthodontics over the years. And at Papandreas Orthodontics, there’s never been a better time or easier way to have a beautiful grin! Call our office today to find out how we can help you achieve the new smile you deserve.

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Papandreas Orthodontics is a Proud Sponsor of Children’s Dental Health Month

Childrens Dental Health MonthEach February, the American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors National Children’s Dental Health Month to raise awareness about the importance of good oral health. Dr. Samuel Papandreas supports the ADA in their efforts.Whether you’re a member of the dental team, a teacher, or a parent, teaching kids how to develop good habits at an early age will encourage good dental health over a lifetime. As dental professionals at Papandreas Orthodontics, we also encourage parents to begin at an early age scheduling regular dental visits to give your child the best start possible.

Attached are some fun activities you can use to engage kids of all ages regarding dental health. Download Here

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