What was it like coming to our Brunswick and North Royalton offices for visits?

“Everyone is so accommodating and friendly and nice.” – Kristen (patient)

“They don’t just treat me like another patient, they actually treat me as someone that they value as a person and that they actually care about.” – Joe (patient)

“You get the sense of professionalism right away. Everything is state of the art.” – Ellen (parent)

“Their follow-up is amazing. Via email, phone call, you know, [they’re] just always reaching out to answer questions.” – Lisa (parent)

“You know, I’ve had braces as a child, my wife had braces. I mean, I know the experience. And technology has changed so much over the years. And we see what Dr. Sam does with this profession, and yeah, we do feel very good about it.” – Michael (parent)

Parents: How was it, bringing your kids to Papandreas Orthodontics?

“They’re always wonderful with how they present things to the kids, which I found to be, you know, comforting myself, when you’re watching your little one in the chair there.” – Lisa

“My kids especially were very comfortable with him, they were never nervous, and you know, never had the feeling of, of I don’t want to go and this and that. They had no problem at all.” – Alyssa

“They’re very aware of school schedules. They know when you’ve got to get your child out, get them to school, or you just picked them up from school. And now you have to get into practice or whatever, they know that.” – Ellen

“We’re not here long, you know, we’re in and out pretty efficiently. If we’re going to be here longer, they tell us upfront, you know, this next appointment is going to be a little longer just so you know. And as a busy mom who’s working part-time and juggling a lot of schedules, I really appreciate that.” – Karen

“No child [wants] to go to the doctor, the dentist, or the orthodontist. But you know, Dr. Sam, he makes it fun. You know, he keeps it lively.” – Michael

Dentists: Why do you refer patients to us?

“I am a father of two of his patients. I respect Sam enough that I had no problem sending my children here to get work done. You know, as a general dentist, I see a lot of patients and children who are going through ortho, and a lot of times treatment times aren’t met and people become frustrated as treatment lingers on.”

“I think it’s a credit to Sam’s organizational skills and his treatment planning ability that he stays on time. And I never see one of his cases where I questioned it and see what’s going on. I send a lot of patients of mine. He’s always one of my top referrals for my patients.” – Dr. Tom Schmidt (dentist and parent of patients)

What would you tell others about our office?

“First and foremost, if I can do this, anyone can do it, honestly, because I had been so scared and so nervous but this doctor’s office is so accommodating.” – Kristen (patient)

“I’m happy to come here. I mean, I feel kind of like a family here. I mean, I know that sounds weird because we’re talking about an orthodontist, but I actually feel like family.” – Joe (patient)

“You know, he does a great job from start to finish and going forward. Just that personal touch and care with each child. I believe that is the selling point with Dr. Sam.” – Michael (parent)

“I would say it’s a very warm place to go. But more importantly, everybody here is so experienced and trained so well with what they do. It’s top quality.” – Kristen (parent)

“I know the initial consultation is always free. So what do you have to lose? Come in, look at the office. You can tell as soon as you walk in these doors, that it’s very professional. It’s a great office.” – Ellen (parent)

“My daughter’s teeth are amazing and she takes very special care to make sure that the teeth are in the best position they can be for a lifetime.” – Karen (parent)

Papandreas Orthodontics is a family-focused practice offering Invisalign, braces, and other orthodontic treatment options in a friendly and relaxing environment. To schedule your complimentary new patient consultation, please contact our Brunswick or North Royalton, OH office.