How can Invisalign help straighten teeth and boost self-confidence. Invisalign is an amazing way to help you change your smile. This is a system many people prefer to use instead of braces. It’s a system that allows you to change the shape and position of your teeth and smile by working behind the scenes to align everything in the correct location.


Invisalign is clear, and it’s almost impossible to see when it’s in your mouth. Most people prefer this to braces for that reason alone. If you want to know more about this process and if it might work for you, call your Orthodontist to discuss your oral health and the chance you can use this to change your life.


How does it work?

Invisalign works simply. The aligners are custom created for your teeth. Your orthodontist spends ample time creating these so they work for you with what you have. They are custom made so they fit in your mouth to each tooth, but they apply just the right amount of pressure to your teeth to encourage them to shift and move as they work. You typically change the aligner every week or so to help continue the gradual shift of your teeth. The end result is a beautiful, straight smile that makes you feel good.

Your orthodontist creates your aligners specifically for you, and they’re almost invisible so you feel more confident in them than you might in a set of braces that are easily noticed by everyone else. They don’t interfere with your day to day life as much as braces do, either. They work well all day long, and you only remove them a few times a day.

Eating requires removing your aligners. You also remove them in the morning and at night to clean them. They’re cleaned the same way as your teeth. The low-maintenance aspect of aligners is preferable to the very difficult cleaning techniques used with braces. You also don’t need to see your orthodontist for tightening, and you aren’t given a list of foods to avoid while wearing Invisalign. People with braces have to avoid a lot of the food they love to eat while they wear braces.




How does this help my self-confidence?

The great thing about this concept is you get to leave feeling more self-confident with your smile. It’s one of the very first things people notice about you when they meet you. If you are not happy with your smile, you’re not going to use it as often. This might result in you offering people a tight-lipped smile that seems forced and unnatural. This can cause people to view you as unfriendly, it can cause them to think of you as someone they don’t want to get to know, and it can cause you to perceive yourself as less than you are.

Your entire life can be changed if you have self-confidence, and a beautiful smile can help you with that quest. The first step toward increasing your self-confidence with Invisalign is wearing aligners. They’re not noticeable, and you are spared the additional embarrassment or discomfort of wearing braces while you wait for your teeth to shift. As you begin to notice the slight change in your smile, your confidence level rises significantly.

Before your orthodontist provides you with your aligners, he or she will show you what your smile will look like when you’re done with treatment. Seeing what your smile could look like is the ultimate form of excitement, and it might help you change your feelings on the spot. The length of time you wear these is personal. Some people have more issues to work with than just a few crooked teeth, and it might take longer for them. Your orthodontist will explain to you ahead of time how long this will take, what you can expect, and even what you can do to ensure the process is not slowed down at all.


Not Everyone is a Candidate for Invisalign

Before you do anything else, call your orthodontist to schedule an appointment. Not everyone is a candidate for this kind of treatment, and you need to know if it’s an option. Some people aren’t candidates for the following reasons.

  • Your age
  • Your level of crookedness
  • The severity of your overbite or underbite
  • Your own ability to use this product correctly

Kids younger than 13 are not a candidate for this correction method. Their teeth are still growing, their mouths are still changing, and this is not an ideal option for them. Additionally, if you cannot commit to the type of work required by you to care for your aligners and your teeth, it’s not a good idea to go through with this. Braces might be easier for you since they’re in and stay in. You have no control or power to take them out, forget them, or even decide you don’t want to use them sometimes.

If you feel you want to use this method of correction to provide yourself with a more beautiful smile, talk to your orthodontist. There is no harm in asking about it, and you can start as soon as your orthodontist agrees. There is no time like the present to start working on a more beautiful smile so you can increase your own confidence. It’s always worth it to feel good about your own smile.


Call Papandreas Orthodontics and Boost Self-Confidence

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His patients are fitted with customized orthodontic devices that include:

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  • Retainers – worn at night when your braces are removed
  • Invisalign aligners – clear plastic devices
  • Palatal expanders – worn before your orthodontic treatment begins

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Can Invisalign Help Straighten Teeth? (and Boost Self-Confidence)