The Different Types and Uses of Dental Braces

Few of us are born with perfect teeth. Even teeth that are generally healthy may not grow properly, leading to unsightly gaps or insufficient spacing. A dental brace is the common answer to these types of problems. It is the orthodontist who is trained to determine who needs such appliances and how they should be used.

Straightening Your Teeth

Dental braces have been around for a long time, serving the purpose of straightening teeth. They are today commonly worn by both children and adults. These devices are useful in treating a number of dental anomalies, including:

  • Overbites and underbites
  • Improper spacing of the teeth
  • Jaw irregularities

The Different Types of Dental Appliances

Traditional metal braces are popular because of their efficiency and affordability. They can also be adopted to the specific needs of each patient. Ceramic appliances are popular because they are less visible from the outside compared to metal devices. They can also be made to perfectly match a person’s teeth and even come with clear or color-matching wires to disguise their presence. Your orthodontist can help you decide which devices are best for your situation.

Invisalign Aligners

Those with less serious cases of tooth malocclusion may be able to take advantage of Invisalign aligners. Suitable for both adults and adolescents, these clear devices can be easily removed for eating or brushing. Most patients will require from 20 to 25 sets of Invisalign aligners to achieve the desired results, with each set being worn for about two weeks before it is replaced with one that is slightly different.

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His patients are fitted with customized orthodontic devices that include:

• Braces – color-matching ceramic or metal devices
• Retainers – worn at night when your braces are removed
• Invisalign aligners – clear plastic devices
• Palatal expanders – worn before your orthodontic treatment begins

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Orthodontic Fact #2 A brace is one type of dental appliance