I Want a Perfect Smile When My Braces Come Off!

Keeping your teeth in proper care is just as crucial as to when you were wearing them originally. The worst thing you can do is ruin your perfect smile is poor brushing habits. In the guide below, we will discuss the importance of maintaining your white smile, even when your braces come off.

Why Take Care of Your Teeth?

The two most common challenges that most people face after their procedure has finished are:

  • Teeth become less straight
  • Plaque and teeth stains build-up where brackets were originally
  • However, below, are the steps you can take to keep your teeth both straight and white while building up great oral health habits.

Get a Dental Cleaning and Exam

Once you’ve worn this type of dental gear, you fully know the struggle of brushing and flossing your teeth well. In fact, the longer you have them on, the more plaque can build up and damage your teeth. However, a dental cleaning is one of the best ways to remove excess plaque and stains. This is why getting one after is an ideal way to maintain your smile.

Plus, while you’re at the orthodontist, you should try asking for a professional whitening as well. After you’ve spent months, if not years trying to fix your teeth, it’s time to finally whiten up your smile the best you can. Additionally, don’t be surprised to see yellow stains or discoloration on your teeth after you get your braces removed. All you need is a little hard work and dentist trips to get your teeth back to what they were before.

Wear Your Retainer

Even though wearing a retainer can be painful and unappealing, it’s incredibly important to wear it after you get your dental gear off. In fact, your teeth will try sliding back out of place, this is what the retainer is for. Plus, if your dental equipment had to be removed early, a retainer can help finish the job they started, after all, teeth can take years to get in their newly desired position.

Depending on what type of situation you are in, there are three main types of retainers your orthodontist may make you wear:

  • Clear, removable retainer that has similar advantages to Invisalign
  • Hawley, removable retainer that is made of an acrylic base with metal wires to keep your teeth in position
  • Custom, non-removable retainer that is attached to your teeth via metal wires
    Make sure you carry a retainer case wherever you go. Since most retainers need to be removed before you eat or drink something, it’s best to bring it on-the-go for snacking emergencies. However, you should also keep napkins or tissues on hand to dry your retainers before you store them too.
  • In addition, you should also work on routinely cleaning your retainers. In fact, some retainers can be easily cleaned with your toothbrush and toothpaste. However, dentures require a specialized cleaner, along with most removable retainers as well. Remember, you never want to put a dirty retainer in your mouth.

Take Care of Your Teeth at Home

Whether you got braces or Invisalign, you have already spent a lot trying to get the best smile possible. In order to keep them looking this way, you will need to take extra care when performing your at-home dental routine. Here are a few ways you can maintain your new smile and ensure it will look great for many years to come.

  • Use a soft-bristled brush to clean your teeth twice a day. You should also replace your toothbrush once every three or four months or when you notice the bristles start to fray.
  • Floss every day to get rid of any leftover food particles or plaque. Be sure to floss between every single tooth.
  • Keep up with healthy eating habits and avoid consuming a lot of sugar.
  • Use mouthwash to give your teeth an added layer of protection.
  • Take proper care of your retainer, as mentioned above.

It is also a good idea to rinse out your mouth with water after you eat any sugary foods. You should also rinse your mouth after you eat or drink anything that can cause stains, like tea or coffee. This can help to prevent staining and maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

How to Get the Best Results

The only way to keep your teeth looking great after you get your dental gear removed is by taking proper care of them. This means caring for them at home and going to the orthodontist regularly, while you are undergoing treatment and afterward, too. If you want your smile to stay perfect, maintenance is crucial.

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