Many teenagers today do not want traditional braces for a host of reasons. Instead, young adults are choosing Invisalign Teen aligners. Teenagers find this to be an easier and less visible way to perfect their smiles. In this post, we’ll answer the popular question – Why do teenagers love Invisalign? Let’s get loving.




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11 Amazing Reasons

Near Invisible

The name says it the aligners are near invisible. No one wants a brace face. Traditional braces are very visible thanks to their metal material. The aligners are clear and plastic. You cannot tell they are there unless you look. Teens today can be very self-conscious; they do not want undue attention or to feel different.

Aligners instead of metal braces is a winning solution since they are so discreet. Technology is only getting better with time too. Soon, it will take an expert to spot these aligners. That’s one reason why teenagers love Invisalign.


Aligners Are Easy to Use

Traditional braces are permanent and need a lot of visits to the orthodontist. It can be hard because the metal needs tightening, which is painful. The great thing about the clear aligners is that a teen can remove them whenever they need to. They are not permanent on the teeth.

This makes eating far easier. One can take the aligners out when eating and then pop them back in. Traditional braces make it hard to eat certain things. Foods like popcorn and food are often caught between brackets.


Play Sports without Issue

Plastic aligners give people more flexibility. You can remove the aligners which are especially helpful for anyone who plays a sport. If a teen is playing a sport, they can remove the aligners and replace them with a mouthguard. They will not have to avoid such activities because they worry about getting hit in the mouth.



Dental Hygiene is Easier

Metal braces are hard to move around when it comes to brushing and flossing. Teens do not like having to take the extra time to maintain their dental hygiene routine. Plastic aligners are easy to pop out during brushing and flossing. This means night-time and morning routines are quicker and less stressful for teens. This is why it is such a popular choice.


No Food Restrictions

Teens love Invisalign because traditional wire braces can take months or years. It is hard for a teen to feel like they cannot consume certain foods because they may harm the brackets and wires. Invisalign is a popular choice. Teenagers do not feel as restricted by the aligners.



Comfort Is Key

Metal braces can be very uncomfortable. Especially when the traditional wire braces are first put on. Or when they need tightening. Common accidents like a ball hitting the mouth can be especially painful with braces. The plastic aligners are a more comfortable way to straighten teeth. They do not rub up against the gums or lips, and they reduce gum irritation.


Save a Lot of Time

Orthodontist appointments take quite a bit of time. No one wants to go for tightening and adjustments. People can even start to dread orthodontic visits. Teens like plastic aligners because they need fewer office visits. This means that parents do not have to miss work, teens do not have to miss school.

Custom Fit to the Teen

Plastic aligners are fit to mold to the individual’s mouth. There are even options designed for teens. Technology has improved so that teeth are straight. And done so in a quick and efficient manner. And without painful adjustments.

Teens use a specific set of aligners for a specific amount of time and then move on to a new set. There are even eruption tabs built into teen-specific aligners. This is to make room for teeth that have not come in or adjusted.


Avoid Future Issues

Straightening teeth helps people avoid dental issues in the future. After all, you could experience jaw, tooth or gum issues in the future.


Beautiful Smile

Teens want to smile without covering their mouths. Plastic aligners shift the teeth and produce beautiful results. This is why so many young people prefer this option to traditional metal braces.


Self Esteem Improvements

Results are visible in a couple of weeks. Seeing a smile become straighter and brighter makes a teen good. This boots self-confidence and self-esteem as well as happiness. Young people may see improvements thanks to this mental boost.



Teens love Invisalign because it is quick. They also love the near-invisible way to straighten teeth. They do not have to avoid sports or food and have an easy way to maintain their dental health. The world is changing. Plastic aligners are custom fit for the person and their age. Which means that the teeth straighten without pain or anxiety.

Teens will no longer fear going to the orthodontist’s office thanks to this option. Give Dr. Papandreas a call today or visit our website. Our expert staff is on hand to answer any and all questions. We can set up your consultation. We can explain what the straightening process will look like. Teens will not have to feel anxiety thanks to these aligners. A bright smile is in their future! That’s all the more reason to get Invisalign.

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