At some point, most people wonder if there is something that could be done to correct their smile. After all, teeth are usually never quite perfectly straight. Yet, you may not be sure if your teeth are bad enough to need orthodontic treatment. While nothing can replace having an exam conducted by an expert orthodontist, you can use this quiz to help you figure out if you need to schedule an appointment. Just count how many questions you can say yes to. Then that you can find out your final results at the end.



Has Someone Mentioned That You Need Braces?

While it never feels good to have someone critique your smile, it is common for someone else to first mention that you have crooked or misaligned teeth. In most cases, this may take the form of your current dental care provider making a note of your teeth alignment during your regular exams. You may also hear your parents express concern about your teeth and wonder ‘do I need braces?’ Since people see your smile than you do, answering yes to this question is a definite sign that you need an orthodontic evaluation.


Do You Have Large Gaps Between Your Teeth?

Braces are designed to help move teeth into a more desirable place. Large gaps between your teeth are unsightly, and they also create a large space that traps food. Leaving large gaps in your smile can increase your risk of tooth decay. You may also struggle with eating your food if the gaps make it hard for your upper and lower teeth to work together properly.


Are Your Teeth Too Close Together?

Teeth that are too close together may overlap each other. You may also find it difficult to slip dental floss between the teeth to get them clean. Having teeth that are too close together is just as bad as having big gaps since this also creates a higher risk for tooth decay.


Do You Have an Overbite or Underbite?

An overbite and underbite is often visible from your profile. Severe bite issues may cause it to appear as though you have a weak or overly prominent chin. You may also notice that your upper or lower lip sticks out further than you would like. When your bite is severe, you may also experience issues with eating. And you may notice that your bottom teeth strike the roof of your mouth or that you sometimes bite your bottom lip on accident.


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Does Your Jaw Hurt When You Chew Food?

For the most part, you should never feel pain while you eat. However, a jaw misalignment can generate strain on the muscles and ligaments in your mouth. You may also overcompensate for misaligned teeth by having to move your jaws more while chewing. This type of pain may also be felt when you wake up if the misalignment is related to you grinding your teeth as you sleep.


Do You Frequently Bite the Inside of Your Mouth?

A jaw misalignment may also take the form of a cross bite. While a minor cross bite may not be noticeable when you smile, you will notice that you sometimes accidentally bite the inside of your cheek. This may occur when you are talking or eating since there is instability in the jaw muscles.


Did Your Parents Need Orthodontic Treatment?

Genetics play a role in how your teeth look. Although you cannot expect that your teeth will come in exactly like your parents, knowing that they had to have braces can give you a clue about whether or not you need them. For instance, your dad’s overbite might have been passed down to you. Ask your parents how their teeth looked when they were younger. If they needed treatment, then you may want to ask them if they think you need to have your teeth straightened, too.


Do You Feel Embarrassed About Your Smile?

You need to feel comfortable about your appearance. And your smile really is one of the first things that other people will notice about you. If you feel awkward smiling in public or have started to hide your teeth, then it is time to seek help from an orthodontist. In most cases, you already have an idea of how your teeth should look. Feeling unhappy when you look in the mirror means that there is some type of imperfection that your orthodontist can help to correct.

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Did Your Baby Teeth Fall Out Early?

In most cases, baby teeth fall out in a specific pattern that begins with the top front teeth and occurs slowly over time. When your teeth fall out too soon, it leaves too much room for the adult teeth to grow in. This often leads to crooked or misaligned teeth that are visible in your grown-up smile.


Did Your Adult Teeth Come In Crooked?

Children often start out with perfect little smiles. But the real problems begin once the baby teeth are lost and the adult teeth grow in. You might have noticed changes in your smile as you got older. The good news is that having most of your adult teeth in your mouth means that you are ready to begin orthodontic treatment. Although you can get your teeth taken care of earlier, most orthodontists recommend doing the majority of the orthodontic work once you have the majority of your adult teeth.


Have You Been Referred to an Expert Orthodontist?

Ideally, you should be having your teeth checked and cleaned regularly. When you do so, you may have had other dental professionals recommend that you see an orthodontist for a more thorough evaluation. If not, you don’t have to wait for a referral since you can make an orthodontic appointment at any time. Orthodontists use several methods to determine if you need treatment such as a visual exam and x-rays so that you can learn more about whether or not your teeth and jaw misalignments are severe enough to need further care.



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