Words of Wisdom No.2 – Chuck your toothbrush

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is one part of keeping them clean and healthy, but something many people overlook is the condition of their toothbrush. Brushing your teeth with an old, worn out toothbrush is ineffective and defeats the purpose of regular brushing.

Keep it Clean

Replacing your toothbrush is essential, but keeping it clean during the time you use it prolongs its life and keeps your mouth cleaner, especially if you have to maneuver in tighter spaces around braces or have Invisalign. Rinsing it off when you’re done in the morning and evening isn’t adequate. Keep these cleanliness tips in mind when brushing your teeth.

  • Rinse it off thoroughly
  • Soak it in mouthwash for a few minutes
  • Keep it stored upright in your organizer or a cup to give it proper time to dry in between uses

Replace it Regularly

Your toothbrush should be replaced at least every two to three months, and maybe more if you visit an orthodontist for braces or Invisalign. When you brush your teeth you’re scrubbing away plaque and bacteria, and some of it accumulates on your toothbrush even though you rinse it after. You’ll want to replace your toothbrush more often if

  • Your bristles look stained, worn or begin to fray
  • After recovering from an illness such as the cold or the flu
  • Replace it immediately if anyone else uses it because you don’t want their bacteria going into your mouth

Follow basic oral hygiene health habits by brushing at least twice a day to keep your teeth clean and breath smelling fresh, but don’t forget the importance of getting a new toothbrush or replacement head if your toothbrush isn’t disposable. Another thing you can do is to visit Papandreas Orthodontics for all your orthodontist needs and to ensure you continue to have a healthy, white smile.

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