What should I do in case my child chips or knocks out a tooth? No matter how well you take care of your child’s teeth during their younger years, the active lifestyle that many children lead makes it possible that your child will suffer from a situation where their tooth has been chipped or knocked loose. If you find that your child has chipped their front tooth, there are a variety of steps that you should follow. This is to make sure that the situation is handled properly and without worrying too much. It’s common for a baby tooth to be knocked loose, which is why you should be prepared for this scenario.


Keep Calm and Provide First Aid

Finding a baby tooth cracked in half can be distressing. But it’s important that you stay calm in the immediate aftermath of such an event. For one, baby teeth are meant to be temporary until your child’s permanent teeth start to erupt through the gums. However, it’s also important to understand that your child will likely become distressed if you are.

Whether the tooth is completely missing or has been chipped in some way, you need to show your child how to remain calm. Which is particularly important if their mouth is bleeding. Your child is likely going to be frightened in the minutes after one of their teeth has been knocked loose or chipped. Which is why your reaction will set the tone for how they should react.

There are certain situations where the application of first aid may be necessary. This is something that you should focus on administering almost immediately after you notice the problem. If your child’s baby tooth has been knocked loose but has yet to fall out entirely, you should leave it alone. Then schedule an immediate appointment with your orthodontist.

There’s More to a Knocked out Tooth…

However, if the tooth has been chipped in some way or has fallen out entirely, medical attention may be necessary. If your child slipped and fell before chipping their tooth, you should wash their face gently. Before applying an ice pack so as to not cause issues with the dental problem.

It’s at this time that you should determine whether or not the issue is serious enough to warrant further medical attention by an orthodontist. If an area around the mouth or throat has become swollen or is starting to bleed substantially, you’ll want to contact an EMS before setting up an appointment with your orthodontist. Once you’ve applied all of the first aid that’s within your ability to provide, it’s time to call your orthodontist.


Contact Our Expert Orthodontist

When you contact an orthodontist such as ours, make sure that you have a clear head so that you can provide important details about the injury that your child has sustained. If you happen to call after regular office hours, don’t hesitate to leave an extensive message. Discuss the problem along with your name and number. In the event that someone answers your call, make sure that the call is directed to an orthodontist or office nurse before you start describing your child’s injury and how the tooth or has been affected.

After you have described the problem in detail, the orthodontist will advise you about what your next steps should be, which you will need to listen to completely. While speaking to the orthodontist, make sure that you take notes about any directions that they give. You may be told to keep your child away from certain activities for a few weeks. Or to provide your child with an OTC pain reliever. Your orthodontist may also tell you that you should take your child to their offices to make sure that their needs are attended to.

If the tooth has been knocked out completely, you’ll likely be provided with instructions on how to pack the tooth. This is so that it can be taken to the office when you arrive for your appointment. You also need to ask the orthodontist about what you should do in the time between the call and when the appointment is made. It’s possible that your child will be told not to brush their teeth for a day or so until they visit the office. Jot down any details or instructions that you’re provided with.



Focus on Helping Your Child Relax

It can be difficult for adults to handle a dental injury. Which means that your child is likely going to need help with relaxing. When your child has chipped their front tooth or the tooth has become loose, try to help your child learn how to relax before they’ve arrived at the orthodontist. Tell them that the problem will be taken care of by the orthodontist. And that they are going to be perfectly fine.

If you’ve talked with an orthodontist, you likely know what you need to do in the hours following the accident. Provide your child with some of this information to ease their mind. If they have a favorite television show they like to watch or toy they enjoy playing with, consider spending time with these activities. When your child is calm and relaxed, the problem is easier to handle.


Schedule Additional Checkups If Necessary

The initial appointment following the accident is likely going to be all that’s needed for your child’s injury to heal and for their tooth to be mended. Additional checkups and appointments may be necessary. Which should be scheduled immediately after the first appointment. For instance, some x-rays may be required if jaw surgery is necessary.

Followup appointments are oftentimes scheduled by an orthodontist. This is so that they can make sure that recovery is progressing as it should. Your orthodontist will provide you with directions on what to do after the first appointment, which you must follow precisely. In all likelihood, your child’s tooth injury will be treated without any lingering or permanent damage to their dental health.



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