What your child should expect before and after braces. When you decide to have braces put on your child, he or she may be apprehensive at first, which is a normal feeling. They could have some anxiety because they do not know what to expect. When you explain what will happen before and after the treatment, it can help your child feel more relaxed and agreeable to getting braces.


Although the entire procedure for braces is an extended process, your child will be prepared if he or she has an understanding of what to expect. There are many questions you may have about the treatment, so we have put together a list of questions and answers about what to expect before and after the procedure.


Is it Painful to Get Braces?

One of the most frequently asked questions by children about braces is “will it hurt?” You can reassure your little one that having braces put on his or her teeth will not cause excruciating pain. In most cases, having dental braces administered will only last one to two hours. However, you should tell your child that he or she may experience some discomfort as the braces start to align the teeth. A few ways to manage the discomfort and help alleviate the pain include:

  • Have your child east soft foods for a few days after the braces are put on. Some ideal foods include jello, pudding, yogurt, and applesauce.
  • Over the counter pain relievers, such as Tylenol and Advil, can help ease the discomfort.
  • Have your little one wash his or her mouth out with warm salt water.
  • For minimal swelling, eat ice cream or milkshakes. Any cold foods will help reduce swelling.
  • Do not allow your child to drink acidic beverages.


How Will the Braces be Put on the Teeth?

It is dependent on the kind of braces your child will have that will determine how they are administered. When a child gets traditional braces, an orthodontist will use a bonding glue to bind the braces to the teeth. When the glue is completely dry, an orthodontist will use an archwire, which will be attached to the brackets by using elastic bands.

Usually, the archwire is set in place with small rubber bands. Your child can choose from a variety of rubber band colors. Your child may need to have an additional set of rubber bands, which will align the position of the jaw and bite with connections to the upper and lower teeth.



Are There Any Foods to Avoid While Wearing Braces?

Although braces are designed to be durable, they also need to be taken care of, so, eat foods that will not damage the brackets and wires. It is recommended that your child should stay away from foods that are gummy and hard. Your child can enjoy a wide range of soft foods while wearing braces, which will prevent any damage to the brackets and wires. Here are some foods you may want to avoid while wearing braces:

  • Hard candies;
  • Sticky foods, such as taffy;
  • Chewing gum;
  • Popcorn;
  • Hard cookies;
  • Pretzels;
  • Nuts.


What Will it Feel Like to Have Braces Removed?

Because some children may go through discomfort during the adjustment phase, they may be worried about what it will feel like to have braces removed. The good news is you can reassure your child that there will not be pain or discomfort when his or her braces are being removed. When your child has his or her braces removed, he or she will probably be happy to feel their smooth and shiny teeth.


What Happens After Braces are Removed?

Once your child’s braces are removed, they will be fitted for a retainer by an orthodontist. A retainer will ensure your child’s teeth do not shift back to their previous position before braces were administered. When your child first receives a retainer, it will need to be worn at all times except when eating. However, eventually, your little one will only have to wear his or her retainer at night. Because retainers can feel a bit awkward, your child will have to get used to talking when it is being worn. Your child will be happy to know that retainers do not cause pain, and he or she will eventually get used to the mouthpiece.


Child Look When the Braces are Removed?

When your child has his or her braces removed, teeth will look properly aligned and even. Furthermore, if he or she had an overbite or underbite, it will also be corrected after removal. It is important that your child practices good oral hygiene, which will prevent any discoloration from forming where the brackets were. However, if any discoloration is present after removal, it can be corrected.


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What Your Child Should Expect {Before and After Braces}