After months, and possibly even years of wearing braces, you need to know what to expect when it comes to maintaining them. The expert team here at Papandreas Orthodontics will guide you through the process. Here is some insight into what happens after the removal of braces.



Removal of Braces Will Feel Weird

Your mouth has adjusted to wearing these braces for months or possibly even a year or more. The result is that your mouth will feel strange when they are taken off. You may experience some sensitivity. Relax, this is normal! It will likely go away within a few days.

Afterwards, eating will also be different. Gone are the days of staying away from caramel, gum, and popcorn and you will be able to bite into fruits again. You will no longer have the annoyance of picking food out of your braces, or the anxiety of losing a bracket. A new sense of freedom will occur and fun as you can get back to eating many foods you have avoided for so long.


You May Notice Calluses

The inside of your mouth is sensitive. When you received your braces, the constant rubbing of your brackets against the inside of your mouth eventually caused calluses. Though this may seem strange, the calluses actually protected your mouth and helped prevent pain. They may seem rough and even irritating after getting your braces off, but they will subside after a few days.


Your Teeth May Look Yellow, But Straight

Maybe you have brushed and flossed your teeth regularly to get the result you want. But, you may still deal with staining from having braces on your teeth. This is not abnormal. Because you can’t brush where the adhesion and brackets are, it is normal for you to have yellow or white spots.

These spots are caused by tartar build up or even calcification, and can easily be fixed by your orthodontist with teeth whitening. Due to the sensitivity of your teeth after they take off your braces, teeth whitening should be delayed for about a month.

Even with some discoloration, the best thing you will notice after the your braces come off is your straight smile. You may not be able to feel it, but your teeth will be even and your appearance will be different-namely because of that new, beautiful smile.

After the removal of your braces, it is also normal for your gums to experience some inflammation. This occurs during the process of removing the adhesion from your teeth. With proper teeth care of brushing and flossing, you will see this diminish within a few days. Always contact the orthodontist if it persists longer.


Teeth Maintenance

With your braces being removed, you will also notice that brushing and flossing just got a lot easier and faster. You will no longer be required to use special brushes or work around metal brackets. However, this is no pass to slack off on your teeth maintenance routine.

Once braces are removed, most people find themselves introducing sticky or stringy foods back into their diets. With this, brushing and flossing become even more important. You just spent months or years improving your health and smile. So keep keep your smile healthy by sticking to a thorough teeth maintenance routine.



Getting Fitted for a Retainer

Immediately after the removal of braces, your orthodontist is already taking steps to maintain your beautiful smile. This includes getting you set up with a retainer. Your orthodontist will take an impression of your teeth and palate. From this impression, your retainer will be created.

Most patients will receive a retainer that they can pop in and out. Being able to remove the retainer makes it convenient to eat, brush, and floss. When not doing these things, orthodontists recommend wearing your retainer at all times.

For most, it will be required to wear their retainer for the rest of their lives. Not wearing or forgetting to wear the retainer can cause a reversal in the work that was done by the braces. When patients replace the retainer after not using it for a few days, they may experience discomfort or even a tightness. Therefore, it is vital to follow your orthodontist’s instructions when it comes to regularly using your retainer.


Teeth Settling

With brackets no longer adjusting or holding your teeth in place, settling may occur. This is even possible while wearing a retainer. Don’t panic. This is normal and even something your orthodontist has considered and planned for when removing your braces.


Follow-Up Appointments

Though you may think your journey has ended with the removal of your braces, your orthodontist will want to follow up with you. Your orthodontist will check to make sure that your teeth are settling correctly, your retainer is fitting properly, and in some cases, may recommend additional work for proper alignment. So don’t say your goodbyes, your orthodontist’s job isn’t done just yet.


Enjoy That New Smile

After months and possibly even years of wearing braces, the best thing that happens afterwards is your new, beautiful smile. Friends and family will immediately notice the difference in your appearance, not only because you no longer have brackets filling your mouth, but because you have a perfectly straight and even smile. Though braces can aid in your teeth health, maintenance, and digestion, most visibly and, for some, most importantly, they improve your smile and ultimately your self-confidence.



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Here’s What Happens After Removal of Braces? (ALL THE FACTS)