Effects of Vaping on Teeth (& OTHER ISSUES)

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If you’ve ever vaped before, you’ve likely done so primarily because you’ve been told that this practice is much better for your health than smoking. While there are some benefits that come with vaping when compared to smoking, there are a variety of issues that can stem from using e-cigarettes. Although e-cigarettes lack the tar found in standard cigarettes that leads to the decay of teeth, your teeth can still be adversely affected by them.



General Effects of Vaping on Oral Health

Many of the oral health problems that are brought about by standard cigarettes can continue to occur when you vape. Which is caused by the presence of nicotine. While you may be able to find some e-cigarettes that advertise themselves as nicotine-free, most e-cigarettes contain at least a small amount of the substance. Nicotine reduces the flow of your blood. Thus, lessening the amount of oxygen and nutrients that can reach your gums and other soft tissues within your mouth. The longer you use e-cigarettes the worse your oral health will become.

The reduction of blood circulation throughout your mouth is serious. This can also cause issues with your mouth’s ability to guard against the development of harmful bacteria. Which means that the possibility of tooth decay, infections, and all other oral health problems are greatly increased. The only ways to lessen the effects of e-cigarettes are to stop using e-cigarettes. Or at least practice proper oral health techniques such as brushing your teeth twice per day and flossing regularly.


How This Habit Affects Your Teeth

Even though vaping isn’t as problematic for your teeth as smoking, there are still some problems that you should be on the lookout for. Standard cigarettes use tar and other coloring agents inside. This will cause your teeth to become stained and start to decay. For the most part, e-cigarettes avoid these issues, which means that using e-cigarettes is less troublesome for your health than regular cigarettes. However, your teeth can still become damaged if you vape on a regular basis.

When you vape consistently, your chances of contracting periodontal disease heavily increase. Which is something that can lead to your teeth becoming damaged. Periodontal disease is a form of gum disease that can spread to your teeth. Which means that avoiding standard cigarettes will only allow you to reduce the chances that your teeth become stained.

The development of periodontal disease from using e-cigarettes could cause you to experience loose or shifting teeth that don’t remain in their proper positions. Since your gums can recede when suffering from periodontal disease, the roots of your teeth are more open to bacteria. Which can cause tooth decay as well as a wide range of additional problems.



Dental Symptoms to Look Out For

If you’ve been using e-cigarettes for a lengthy period of time, it’s important that you remain on the lookout for dental symptoms that point towards such problems as periodontal disease or tooth decay. The use of e-cigarettes heightens the possibility that you will begin to suffer from issues like:

  • Teeth that are wobbly or fall out completely
  • Gum tissue that recedes and displays more of your teeth
  • Gums that are tender or swollen
  • Gums that are bleeding or are generally irritated
  • Bad breath that remains consistent and doesn’t dissipate after a day or so.

Anyone of these symptoms indicates that you are suffering from periodontal disease, which opens up your teeth to further damage. The best way to mitigate these issues is by ceasing your usage of vape products altogether.


Consider Visiting An Orthodontist

If you begin to notice any of the aforementioned symptoms, it’s essential that you obtain a routine checkup. This is to make sure that your teeth remain healthy and in good condition. In the event that your teeth have deteriorated to the point that they’ve moved to improper positions or are no longer aligned correctly, you might want to consider obtaining some form of orthodontic treatment. Of which there is a wide variety that might apply to your situation.

If you’ve developed gum disease because of your use of vaping products. You’ll find the recession of your gums may have caused your teeth to move or slip slightly to a more crooked or misaligned direction. When this occurs, among the only ways to correct the issue is through an orthodontic appliance. Which can be anything from braces to clear aligners. If the issue is a severe one that has caused your teeth to be extremely crooked or very misaligned, braces may be the ideal treatment for you.

There’s More…

The usage of metal wires and brackets allows for even more serious orthodontic problems to be treated in a couple of years. Which will provide you with a straight smile and healthier teeth once more. You could also consider clear aligners. Which have the benefit of being nearly invisible while also providing you with an appliance that can be removed whenever you’d like.

It’s also important to understand that a visit to the orthodontist will allow you to ask any questions about how to properly maintain your teeth. Our orthodontic associates will provide you with expert answers to any questions that you might have. This should help you be more informed about the health of your teeth. If you notice alignment issues or the presence of crooked teeth that have been caused by using e-cigarettes too often, having your teeth straightened will assist you in improving your oral health for good. Make sure that you stop using e-cigarettes the second you notice that the health of your teeth is beginning to deteriorate.


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Effects of Vaping on Teeth (& OTHER ISSUES)

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