Some people know their children need braces, but they don’t get braces because they’re scared. Also, most kids are scared to get braces because of fear. There are many different reasons that parents and children are afraid of getting braces. When the only thing that lies between your child and a beautiful smile is a fear of having braces, there are a few ways you can help them conquer their fears. In this post, we’ll show you how to overcome your fear of braces. Let’s get going.




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Are you Afraid of the Pain Caused by Braces?

If the reason you are avoiding seeing an orthodontist is that your child has a fear of the pain and you are afraid of seeing your child in pain, you should not worry. Braces are not as painful as you might think. An orthodontic treatment plan does not involve wrenching or twisting the teeth into place. It is actually a relatively gentle process that gradually realigns the teeth. Having the braces put on is completely painless.

When your child first gets their braces, the inside of the mouth can get poked by the metal brackets. The dentist will give your child wax to put over the brackets to keep this from happening. Over time, the skin on the inside of the mouth will harden up enough where the wax will no longer be necessary.

The only time there would be discomfort is after an adjustment. After the braces are tightened, it can result in some pain and tenderness, but not anything too serious. If your child is in pain, trying an over the counter pain medication or a numbing ointment can help.


Are you Afraid of What the Orthodontist will do?

One reason that many kids are afraid to get braces if because they don’t know what is going on in terms of orthodontics. They are lying horizontally with a bright light shining on their face. They have no idea what the orthodontist is doing. If you let your orthodontist know ahead of time that your child is afraid, the orthodontist will take the time to explain the treatment plan.

When your child sees what each piece of equipment does and they understand what the orthodontist is going to be doing, it can make the fear of the unknown go away. This is often something that can be done during the consultation, before the actual day that the braces will be put on. When it is done before the big day, your child won’t have any anxiety leading up to the appointment.


Are you Afraid of Being Embarrassed by your Braces?

Most kids are afraid to look different than the other kids, for fear of being bullied or teased. If this is the reason that your child doesn’t want to get braces, sitting them down to have a talk can help. Let your child know that having the treatment now will make them look better for their entire lives. You should also let them know that there are plenty of kids and many people who have had orthodontic treatment, many of them could be in their school.



You can also let your child know what options they have to accessorize with their braces. Kids today have plenty of options, such as brightly colored rubber bands and brackets. They can have the orthodontist use their favorite colors. This could make wearing braces seem a bit more fun. If your child is really against wearing braces, you can speak to your dentist about Invisalign, which is completely invisible.


Are you Afraid of Getting Food Stuck in your Braces?

Kids take things much more seriously than adults do. If an adult has food in their teeth, they get it out and move on with their lives. When a kid gets food in their teeth and the other kids see it, it can be devastating and the embarrassment can last for days. If this is the reason your child doesn’t want to get braces because they are afraid of this type of embarrassment, you can reassure them.

A person who doesn’t have braces has just as much chance of getting food caught in their teeth as a person who does. You can let them know that drinking water after eating will wash all the food away. If they still aren’t sure, you can get your child a pocket mirror so that they can check their braces to make sure that there isn’t any food in their teeth.


Had Fear of Getting Braces for a Long Time?

While orthodontic treatment does take time, the amount of time that it takes could seem like forever to your child. Even though you cannot make the treatment go any faster, you can make your child feel better about it. You can tell your child that they may need to wear braces for a year or two, but it will result in a perfect smile for the next 60 years. Help them understand that in the long run, the treatment will be well worth it.



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